Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pack your baskets

Dear Members,

Its 10:08 a.m. on Thursday, May 29, and as of now the weather reports state that Sunday, June 1 will be mostly sunny and have high temperatures of 78.

So without any further hesitation, we would like to invite you all, dear members, to the picnic.

Sunday, June 1
1 p.m.
Sheep Meadow, Central Park
Southeast corner of Sheep Meadow
Look for Allison and Michael, they will be standing with clipboards.

This is going to be a picnic of epic proportions. Hope to see you all there. In the meantime, check back here for any updates.


Your Hosts,

Allison and Michael, Founding Members of The Picnic Club


J. Cifre, JD said...

awesome site! I'm there.

Plus I'll bring my very favorite snack....Elsylee's cookies.

They are amazing!!

mod girl 80 said...

ohh! if i come, i'll make my picnic cupcakes! how fun!

Kiasa said...

This sounds so fabulous! I love picnics! We'll be out of town this weekend, but hopefully we can become members the next time around. What a fun idea and blog!

Anonymous said...

Niceeeee!!!! Are kiddies welcome? I can bring the frisbee!

Martha Garvey said...

Lordy, what an excellent idea. Unfortunately, I and my husband and my mutt will be at Dog Beach, Prospect Park today. Please do have another.

anndii said...

Okay I don't think you guys actually exist. I went to Sheeps Meadow today @1 bearing picnic goodies and a companion. We methodically searched the shady perimeter in search of picnic goers bearing clipboards to no avail. Now I am accused of having imaginary clipboard holding picnic friends.We did end up crashing a bridal shower for a spell. Then we nearly got arrested for soliciting when we asked a cute solitary guy with a grocery store bag if he was looking for someone special so the day wasn't a total bust. Can't wait until next month!

The Picnic Club said...

Hi Anndii,

We were in front of the large rock on the southeast corner, holding clipboards, starting at 12:45--sorry you missed us, but we will be uploading pictures soon. Hope to see you at the next one.

clarita said...

Hi -- I also went in search of picnicking company on Sunday and couldn't find you guys. I didn't get there until 3, so maybe you were gone by then (or at least not holding the clipboards anymore), but it was disappointing nonetheless. Maybe next time you guys could have a big umbrella or something? My friends and I got too hot and frustrated by the swarms of people, and would have been helped by a greater sign...also how long do you guys think you'll usually stay? Just so we know exactly how fashionably late we can be.
I even brought treats to share with all, but I will make them again...

The Picnic Club said...

Hi Clarita,

We were there from 12:45 until a little past 4pm. You can really show up anytime. I'm sorry you missed us, we will give more explicit instructions next time.

The Picnic Club

Anonymous said...

I absolutely absolutely hate when people are fashionably late for events... So disrespectful.

easy said...

anon - why so priggish?