Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Welcome to The Picnic Club

The founders of The Picnic Club are pleased to announce the inaugural chapter of The Picnic Club, New York City.

The Picnic Club is a members-only club dedicated to the enjoyment and promotion of the classic picnic, a prized relic of post-modern antiquity that we believe should be restored to its fullest capacity. In this effort, we, The Picnic Club, formed an organization to establish picnics at various parks and outdoor venues around NYC to bring together picnic enthusiasts of all colors, shapes and sizes, unified by an unrelenting rapture for gingham plaid, wicker baskets, pasta salad, and freshly cut watermelon.

Please stay tuned for our inaugural picnic, which we believe (weather permitting of course) will take place in late April or early May, 2008. Additionally, as we form a more perfect union, we will of course develop a constitution that will lay out both the rights and regulations governing all those who partake in our splendid picnics.

In the meantime, please consider who you will bring on your blanket and what you might bring in your basket.


Your hosts,

Allison and Michael, Founding Members of The Picnic Club


kiran said...

nicely done, guys.

Anonymous said...

This is cute, I will definitely attend a picnic!

- Amanda Vlastas

p o o g e n e ! said...

i love allison

ChefWife said...

What a great concept! Are pre-formed groups welcome? Like the Desperate Chefs' Wives?